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The internet is filled with wonderful speculations and hypotheses. Whatever you've read online about Roy's adventures for the past 20 years, it's probably wrong.

Rumours and other jobs
 Was Roy Phillips a taxi driver? You may have heard a story that Roy was a taxi driver in Sydney? Sorry, but it's just not true. Although he avails himself of taxi services from time to time, Roy has neither owned nor driven a cab.

 Did Roy Phillips own a recording studio? Then there's a old tale that had Roy owning a recording studio in Auckland. Same story, I'm afraid. Although Roy has frequented numerous studios during his career, he had never owned one until he set up The Groove Room in 2010.

 Did Roy Phillips own a restaurant? What about the restaurant in Paihia? Well actually, this one is true. Roy did operate a modest café in the north of New Zealand for a few years. But he says, "That's an episode best forgotten."

 Did Roy die? Click to read more. Perhaps the weirdest "rumour" was the one that had Roy dying of an unknown cause. The venerable Bournemouth Echo even published a brief obituary in 1994 (click the image to read it).
Roy believes that the rumours of his death were "greatly exaggerated."

Roy continued composing and provided music for a number of entertainment programmes and series for Television New Zealand. If you were living in New Zealand at the time you would have seen Roy associated with a few charitable events.

 Click to read the article In 1996 Roy composed "The Dream" - the theme song for the New Zealand Olympic team. A CD copy was given to each athlete and New Zealand's top ranking track & field athlete, Beatrice Faumuina was quoted as saying she found the song "extremely motivational".

For a good few years Roy lived in Queenstown - a mountain resort at the bottom of New Zealand's South Island. While the population is a mere 16,000, it's a place that attracts adventurers. Over a million tourists visit this little town each year.

 Queenstown is a stunning place

Click here for a glimpse of the panoramic view Roy used to see from his keyboard. There are more photos of Queenstown in the gallery pages.

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