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This section of the site is devoted to all of the bits and pieces that didn't fit elsewhere. And hopefully, the odd inspired rave from Roy.

A word from Roy...


Feb 2022

Don't we live in diverse and individual time. In all honesty who give a tuppenny toss where this attitude and belief is getting us. Wake up world, be normal and follow instructions from far cleverer and educated people that believe their is a code of living together which has to be adhered too to promote the attitude and behaviour that's called real life. Beats me how we can question the truth.

My wife and I have to live in what war mongers and dissatisfied disgruntled so called political self rights are making this world the norm for todays inspiration for the youth to continue as 'the norm'. Sorry won't work......

My musings for this www ranting is the very special artistes and musicians that have been in my life. In no order because they are all 'Heroes'.


Going to the most strange gigs and listening to a fabulous guitar player and an all together lovely human that had mastered 'Country' playing in the most humble attitude. Albert was so loved by all of us musos what ever genre we were. The days when up and coming and established artistes worked the 100% show business way of support what ever.

Albert Lee
Albert Lee image -- via Wikipedia

I know that because I was privileged to be part of that attitude. Albert to this day is a blessing amongst the pro's of great playing and behaviour God bless ya darlin' keep flying the flag.


The latest to break out of ROBYN PROMOTIONS is our recording of BIRTH, a minor hit in the late 60's for THE PEDDLERS. Many hours in THE GROOVE ROOM, some great vino and special company has put an orchestral feel to this re-working plus Paul Bratt's video ( very shortly) and still portrays the feelings that are all too prevalent today.


'Come to think of it'..
Nov 2021

Stopped work for an hour or two and watched some special stuff on YouTube -- 'The Singers Award'. The sheer talent of our peers, the swing factor, the story tellers of song. How important it was to honour 'The one in a bar to establish ownership, and two to establish your very own 'click'. Sinatra, Bennett, Jones, Sammy, Mel, I could go on all night, but then you would lose interest in my rantings.

My main reason was to establish in myself the reason one does it. My answer 'LOVE' and understanding the rhythms of natural living in your own soul.

Roy in the Groove Room Then, back to work in the GROOVE ROOM recording tracks for the new album '80'. Ten original numbers that vary in funk/swing attitude. I am having the greatest time in my career as an organist, vocalist who first of all never wanted to be a singer. That part was thrown on me so many years ago because the gigs were there and a hired singer or songstress wasn't.

Truth is nobody wanted to work with us because our style wasn't in vogue. Nobody answered the 'ad' in the papers. Freddy Starr told us much later on "Yea la, I did see it."

Back to the subject in matter '80.' Also, I have the pleasure of Hornist' Geoff Culverwell blessing me with his magic performing in THE GROOVE ROOM. Must admit I still miss my muso buddies at home. We had quite a different support system happening back in the day.

So enjoying getting into original concepts again. My great friend and videographer Paul Bratt and we at Robyn Promotions are re-issuing/recording an orchestral arrangement of my 60's hit BIRTH.

Something I have been working on for some time, BIRTH has the same message today as it had in '67 when THE PEDDLERS recorded it at IBC Studios, Portland Place in London.

My wife Robyn takes pix whenever and however, doing some vocal o/ds in THE GROOVE ROOM. Stay safe my friends; this 'son of a bitch No 19' aint leaving none too soon.


May 2021

My 80th birthday came and went, all organised by my darling wife Robyn and held at our daughter Rachael and husband Kerry's gorgeous home. The attendees ranged from actors, doctors (just in case I needed one !) daughters, sisters, grandies and great friends.

the crowd

roy's cake The piano cake, made by Robyn, was one of the stars of the evening, my favourite chocolate and orange, drowned in orange liqueur. One small slice was like a three course dinner. A real cake.

Robyn's theme for the party was to dress up as your favourite singer or song title, our guests surely excelled themselves, Robbie Carpenter, himself a great bassist, came as my darling bass player out of the PEDDLERS ,Tab Martin. Keyboard wizard Kevin Frewer arrived as Aussie Osbourne. Guitarist Johnny Campbell came as The Bee Gees ( All of them ) and his gorgeous wife Robyn as Lulu. The list of stars that came added glitter to my day. Thank you. By the way my Robyn came as a very convincing Stevie Nicks, sister in law Sharyn was Olivia Newton John, hubby Peter was such a look alike of Leonard Cohen, frightening stuff...


It was another official release of my Trilogy of albums STANDARD PROCEDURE. A set dedicated to PEDDLERS fans. The best part of all this is that all my family and friends made me feel 40 again. I really do know some beaut people.


November 2020

The idea for STANDARD PROCEDURE arose from PEDDLERS fans repeatedly suggesting timeless standard songs which they wanted to be given the magical PEDDLERS treatment-a style which originated way back in the mid-1960s, when popular music started to become experimental and young and brilliant ideas were being accepted as everyday occurrences.

Roy Phillips

Music was being rediscovered and reinvented, musical genres were marrying each other- and living happily ever after. Rock met Jazz, Swing embraced The Blues and Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks and The Beatles delivered fresh and exciting ideas to an eagerly awaiting musical world. THE PEDDLERS were on the crest of an inspired wave of musical fervour, innovation, and enthusiasm, adding a brand new, creative genre to the emerging music flavours of an unprecedented era of British Music.

The group would take all-time standard songs and give them a huge kick in the backside, with the introduction of an amalgam of Hammond Organ, Bass and Drums, along with a Full Orchestra-creating a vibrant, colourful and previously unforeseen musical landscape.

I have given all the arrangements that classic PEDDLERS feel and attitude. The final track, BUDDY HOLLY'S 'It Doesn't Matter Any More' takes me back to my teenage days and my first Skiffle band. We were a touch jazzy even then!

After nearly 300 sessions over a two-year period in THE GROOVE ROOM and with the help and enthusiasm from some great Kiwi musos, we have now completed our STANDARD PROCEDURE TRILOGY. Many thanks to GEOFF CULVERWELL (Horns/Flute), JACK 'DADDY' CRAW (Blues Harp) and JOHN CAMPBELL (Rhythm Guitars) for lending their talent to this project, plus KEVIN HEALY (lead guitar) for his work on the Dutch live recordings.

It gives us great pleasure at ROBYN PROMOTIONS to present to you the STANDARD PROCEDURE TRILOGY. Enjoy.

And here's a little video to accompany "At Last" from talented animator Paul Bratt, just to start you off.


Update... December 2019

It was 1968. The Peddlers were going to Vegas to start a second season at Caesar's Palace.

On arrival at the Vegas airport everyone was invited to sign a visitors' book to start a month of arrivals in the town. I was the only one of our group to sign in. We got to the Palace and started the season. At the end of the second week one of the Pit bosses copped me just before going on stage and explained that my name had been picked from the visitors' book to attend Lorne Greene's casino The Bonanza the next day to spin the giant wheel of fortune.

The prizes were fantastic ranging from Cadilllacs, Mustangs, Pontiacs, diamonds and minks to free air travel, accommodation etc., etc. The event was televised every couple of weeks to great fanfares, even a TV interview with Lorne Greene before the 'spin'. Now I had met Lorne at the Palace during the week at one of our shows so he was not the total stranger. The brief interview was done in a very friendly manner, mostly talking about my regular visits to the Bonanza International Golf Course.

It was time to 'spin' the great wheel and it stopped on not a car, a diamond, or anything remotely worth winning. There was a short silence but I could see the amused faces, even a few giggles from the TV audience. I had won a bloody vacuum cleaner! I can feel the vibes from you guys out there now. With a month of shows to go I can remember feeling that the audience was thinking, "Isn't that the poor limey bugger who won the vacuum cleaner?"

We were working with Joe Frazier and his 'Knock Out Band; they never let me forget that incident. Well folks, not even a bottle of the finest single malt could soothe my then hurt pride. I vaguely remember the next show at 4am the next day.

We at 'Robyn Promotions' and 'The Groove Room' have decided to release the STANDARD PROCEDURE TRILOGY in its entirety, March 2020. This gives us time to get every aspect of release details and planning etc done to our satisfaction. So 'bear with.' We are so pleased with the development so far and looking forward to releasing the end result.

I will keep posting progress on this 'Bat Channel' Together with our special friends, we celebrated Robyn's 65th birthday with a 1920's shindig at her daughter Rachael and son in law Kerry's lovely home here in Christchurch. Great do to. Everyone looked and played the part wonderfully. Thank you, gang.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to you all from Robyn and myself. Back at you in 2020 and thank you for your support.


Update... August 2019
My fellow artistes; give me your stories!

Everybody loves a story, especially if it is true.

The showbusiness fraternity have some of the funniest, strangest, saddest, gut-busting tales of experiences in this business of ours.

During my 57 years working with amazing artistes in working mens clubs, concerts and night club venues throughout the planet, there has always been the experience of fellow performers' amusing anecdotes at the various venues, digs, road trips and so forth.

I have collected many anecdotal accounts from performers such as Les Dawson, Tommy Cooper, Frank Sinatra, Mat Monroe and even Joe Frazier. But my plea is for artistes out there in 'Show time' to share their stories so that the world can bust a gut at 'em. The trues ones are always the best. Please share this musing with your friends and fellow artistes and get them to me via info@royphillips.org I would like to publish them, of course with permission.

One such story happened to THE PEDDLERS circa 1966 or thereabouts.....

We were booked to perform in Sunderland at a place called 'The Redhouse' for a one night cabaret show. On arrival at the venue our roady met us outside and informed us that the theme for the evening was 'Hillbilly'. it was rather noticeable that the punters were all dressed as cowboys and cowgirls and wearing artificial six guns. Now, this was no way a PEDDLERS gig! Incidentally, our record 'BIRTH' was riding in the top twenty at that time. The management had no idea who we were, someone thought we were a bicycle act!

Anyway, they insisted we went on. Walking out on stage we were greeted with the whole ballroom filled with lines of cowboys and cowgirls ready to start 'line dancing.' We started our show with WALK ON THE WILD SIDE, a Ped's classic, only to see the lines slowly breaking apart, the boos happening, which continued to the end of our one hour set. We took our usual bows and Trevor Morias, our drummer, said to me, "Let's do an encore."

We did a Ped's version of STRING OF PEARLS. The boos continued during the next lot of bows. Trevor again said "Give them another" We played them our chart entry BIRTH. The boos subsided somewhat, They had turned into groans! The crowd was getting tired, we bowed again. "And another," said Trev. We did 6 encores in all. Boy was that fun. Funny, they never booked us back again.

Artistes, send us your stories and let's give the world a belly laugh. God only knows we need it.

One final thing, A huge shout for our Prime Minister, Jacinda, Go girl.

Tons of it and more.

- - -


I'm sure I speak for many acts in our industry, we do some strange things to 'oil our palms' with realm. I'm going back to 2001. I was booked as my solo act 'AN EVENING WITH ROY PHILLIPS' to play a New Year's Eve show in Invercargill. I had worked the town many years ago with THE PEDDLERS. Even then I had so many warnings regarding entertaining there, you needed a cowboy hat and an artificial six gun for a start.

Bill Wyman (of the Rolling kind) Tony Christy and Rod Stewart were full of stories from the old place, and not exactly praiseworthy. Anyway. I arrived at the venue Cobb & Co and went into a rather pleasant family restaurant, with me thinking 'What an intimate room for my show'. Uh uh, no… I followed the manager into a Sports bar! I felt the squelch of the carpet as he guided me onto a small wooden platform optimitistically called the stage. Disappointment was beginning to set in.

The pro in me soon put me and the gig in perspective, acceptance entered the soul, 'Deal with it Roy'.

11am arrived, showtime. Three large TVs were blaring out boxing, horse racing from China, and, of course, Rugby. I asked the staff behind the bar if the sound from the TVs could be turned off (stupid question). All I got from them were rather strange looks; one even asked me who was I. I answered 'Apparently the entertainer.' If you could entertain there you could plait sawdust in a blizzard.

Billy's story was vivid in my now disillusioned head space. I started playing and I could watch all three TVs. A guy was on his way across the squelching carpet towards me. He was wearing a badly fitting suit, reminiscent of the 'Family at War' TV series. He was gripping a jug of ale, white knuckled and not happy. He walked onto my small stage area and with the jug precariously hovering over the top of my Kurzweil 2500 keyboard, screamed those immortal Invercargill words, " Hey you, f#@*&^%g arsehole, shut the f*#k up, none of us can hear the f^#*@^g TVs!"

He then tried to find the power switch in the keyboard. I tried to push him away, fearing a beer calamity. "Shut the f*(%k up or I'll smash your f*%@*%g face." I took an early break from the two hour show to get my senses into some sort of order.

Starting the set again, I continued at such low volume I got lost . Not a soul in the place knew the difference, apart from one fellow and his wife who had travelled up from Dunedin especially to see the show. However, more fun was in store for me. I had arranged to see the manager at 2am to pick up my money, it took me till 3.30am to trace him back at his home.

That is why I will never, never go back to Invercargill.

There. I feel much better now.

Watch out for info regarding STANDARD PROCEDURE 2 release date. Some great playing from my special guests, GEOFF CULVERWELL, JACK 'DADDY' CRAW and JOHN CAMPBELL . Reminds me of the good old days.

Love from Robyn and I. Be safe and healthy, enjoy every moment the good Lord gives you.

God bless.

- - -

Update... April 2019 -- 'What a couple of Months!'

Today I have completed my 2 month radiation treatment, have to wait 6 months to see if all's well and they have shrunk the offending tumour and banished it to extinction. My mad British side of non-seriousness has taken over my wonderful treatment team on several occasions.

For example, the beginning of my treatment was memorable when I was informed that I have a bowel air blockage ( wind ) that was effecting the accuracy of lining up the radiation beams. Off the table I got and it was suggested that to get rid of the wind I should wander the corridors of Oncology occasionally 'Leaping."

So there's this Brit muso togged up in hospital gear doing a 'Monty Python' through the whole department. Passing Chemo for the second time a lady, tubed up for treatment called out "What are you doing?" I needed a rest, so I sat on her bed and told her that I was "Leaping for England and trying to fart." She almost become un-tubed with laughter. I was ushered out of that department. Arriving back at the treatment centre I managed the meanest of expulsions and treatment continued.

Halfway through my Oncology dates, my wife Robyn collected me 1.15pm for a business meeting . We turned out of the hospital, drove a few hundred yards in to Deans Ave where a Police car pulled in front of us, rifles ready and shouted to us to get the hell out of there. We swung around smartly and turned back.

The killing of our Muslim Brothers and Sisters had begun at the Mosque in Deans Ave just a few minutes before. This made our troubles pale into insignificance. Christchurch New Zealand had just joined the world and its troubles in a big way. The nameless trash that murdered 50 innocent beautiful souls will forever be given that title NAMELESS.

STANDARD PROCEDURE 2 is complete apart from Geoff Culverwell's magic horns and flutes being laid down. Geoff has been hospitalised recently, but on the improve. Jack' Daddy' Craw came down from Whangarei to honk his 'Blues Harp' on a couple of tracks, "Thank you Brother." Now for S P 3. No more suggestions please, but thank you all for your wonderful contribution of ideas.

Finally; "Thanks, Robyn. You are the best everything."

God bless.

Update... January 2019

19's arrived. A very Happy and blessed time ahead to all of you in health and well being.

Well my friends, where the hell did 18 go? Why is it that the kids' mental well-being, time and space is just a passing whim? Us of wrinkly persuasion integral clocks are well past their used by date, can't even get it serviced. That's the last moan for this blog, promise.

Glad you liked STANDARD PROCEDURE 1, great fun putting it all together. Geoff Culverwell's magic on horns and flutes never ceases to blow me away and it's a great privilege to work with him, not only in the GROOVE ROOM but also when invited to perform at his jazz festivals.

Geoff is also featuring on the up and coming STANDARD PROCEDURE 2, hopefully ready for June coming. Thank you again for all of your suggestions of songs for these projects. There is enough material for 5 albums in the melting pot. I love the arranging part of these great songs, takes me back to the PEDDLERS days.

Incidentally, I also have another great 'Harp' player, JACK CRAW, adding his talent on a couple of the rockier tracks. My wife ROBYN has been handling all business as well as myself brilliantly. I havn't a clue what I would do without her in my life.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 6 months ago and along with the hormone injections, I start my radiation treatment in February. It is a 2 month 24/7 regime but that is not going to stop the work load here in THE GROOVE ROOM hopefully, although I might have to put the feet up for a bit longer than I wish!

May the God of your choice grant every wish to you.

Update ... September 2018

You asked for it people... so here it comes. The brand new Roy Phillips' album -- "STANDARD PROCEDURE 1"

Standard Procedure 1

In response to fans' requests, a number of old and modern standards have been given the PHILLIPS/PEDDLERS treatment in this first album series titled 'Standard Procedure 1'

This is the second album to be produced in our studio 'THE GROOVE ROOM' and we are very proud of the result. It was a most enjoyable project with help from many talented friends; GEOFF CULVERWELL, who added his Horn and Flute genius, JOHN CAMPBELL, for the wonderful Design/Artwork, ADAM DESIGN for their excellent CD reproduction, MARK, SAME DAY PRINTERS for his commitment in delivering precise and detailed print matter for the CD and Paul Bratt for his amazing animations.

Last, but definitely not least, a big heads up to our amazingly talented webmaster and designer, Alfie West. He keeps us sane and always has the answer when we need to ask, 'What's it all about, Alfie?'

In my arrangements of the album I have given the tracks a distinct PEDDLERS feel, harking back to the days when THE PEDDLERS worked with the Philharmonic on projects such as 'SUITE LONDON.' THE PEDDLERS worked with string and orchestral arrangers such as Keith Mansfield on 'FREEWHEELERS' and I have brought this orchestral feeling to STANDARD PROCEDURE 1.

The last track on the album is 'MY WAY' and was recorded in HOLLAND in 1974 on one of THE PEDDLERS' many European tours. This is going to be a feature of the STANDARD PROCEDURE series where every final track will be an original PEDDLERS standard taken from a live show. We hope you enjoy STANDARD PROCEDURE 1 and we look forward to bringing you more of this series.


Update ... January 2018

What an end to 2017. Robyn's and my wedding on the 10th December, with a small gathering of wonderful friends. My best friends Den and Ree up in the Waitakeres hosted us . Friends were from my business, and folk that think that friends in the industry are crazy, what a great mixture of beautiful hearts.. So now I actually have an 'er indoors'. The rings were delivered by drone. Our dearest love to Den and Ree for making it a wonderful day.

On the way up to the wedding venue, we stopped with friends Geoff and Helen in Otaki for 4 days and played Geoff's jazz festival. Fantastic occasion, great music from around the globe. The of course the wedding , then on our way back home did a concert at the Globe theatre in Palmerston North. Most enjoyable. Nice of Crissie and Ray Wolfe to grace us with their presence.

Back onto the Interislander to the South Island, then the long drive home to Christchurch. We hit the second day of the opening of the coast road through Kaikoura, (Since the earthquake damage) a fantastic trip, being entertained by the road crews on traffic duties. Home, and back to work recording our 2 projects, OOH LA LA (Solo) and STANDARD PROCEDURE, a standard song album done in the orchestral and Hammond with old friend Geoff Culverwell adding his magic flute and horns. Glad to say we are nearly there with this at this jucture. So pleased with it.

At this moment Robyn is guarding the garden, those pesky birds are stealing her tomatoes.


Update ... September 2017

We are home after a short three week tour concerts in the North Island of New Zealand. We took our One Man Show 'AN EVENING WITH ROY PHILLIPS' to Levin, Wellington, Gisborne, Tauranga and Auckland. Thank you to all of you who attended the shows or participated in bringing them about... Staff and venues, all have done us proud.

We had no hotels motel stays anywhere. We had friends with wonderful food and hospitality. Pretty hard to have to leave idealic situations where we had the fortune to lift up the feet and lay the head. We are still smarting (oh the pain, but loving it) from the warm greeting we received from every venue. Makes an old muso glad he can still put it out.

Travelling from Christchurch to Picton on the detour to by pass Kaikoura is very lengthy but the vista is totally breath-taking. it was immensely rewarding to be travelling for hours through the scenic beauty that is New Zealand. Met up with my old friend and Horn player Geoff Culverwell, and glad to announce a new CD in the making. A Hammond, Horn, Orchestral collection of standards, called 'STANDARD PROCEDURE'. More about Geoff and my reunion soon.

Robyn ( ROBYN PROMOTIONS) is planning our next tour for the beginning of summer and the festive season. We have been asked to New plymouth, Whangarei and Palmeston North so far. we will look at these and other possible venues and get back to you.


Update - July 2017

Hi folks, back again after a break from my norm of studio, followed by studio, after that, the studio. Guess what, I'm back in the studio. My health is very much improved. Thanks for all your well wishes. I just have to keep taking the pills !

Robyn and I have organised a North Island 6 concert tour, we start in Wellington and end up in Auckland. Webmaster Alfie has posted tour dates and venues on the 'Gig Guide'. We are coming to a place near you, that's if you live in New Zealand. Doesn't everybody live in New Zealand ?

Two album projects are on the go in the GROOVE ROOM. ' OOH LA LA' -- 10 original tracks by Yours Truly. Project 2 is the fan suggestions for the album of 'Standard classics' I am giving them the PEDDLERS treatment, using a lot more Hammond. We are back on them straight after the tour.

Robyn's daughter Rebekah was married to Rob on 1st July. They are Mr and Mrs Nation. We are so happy about this union; we have a very proud mother, Robyn and best friend, Roy. They are a great couple.

Just one complaint. The bloody winter is here is for want of a better description #%*)^_$ awful. I will continue looking for my nuts !

Update - December 2016

Hi folks,

Sadness in the NewZealand music industry. a treasured and admired artiste has passed away. Ray Columbus left us last week after a long health battle. Our thoughts and love goes out to Ray's family. The icon of New Zealand's popular music will be greatly missed.

Rob and I performed a private concert in the North Island a short time ago, a most enjoyable event at a wonderfull venue. Thank you Christine and Vic, top people indeed.

Our brilliantly talented friends in Manchester Paul and Sarah Bratt finished and posted a great piece of puppetry entitled ROY PHILLIPS AND THE PEDDLERS, LIVE AT THE PICKWICK. The track was BLUE GROOVE. It has been received fantasticly well. Man, it brought back many memories for me at that time of my life. Paul has gifted me the puppets and instrument models and one might say that they are hanging about at our place now. Thank you my friends. On the same subject, if anybody can name all or most of the celebreties depicted in the video, and their are quite a few, we will send you a copy of the BLUE GROOVE cd. Get counting.....

On a more serious note, I have been advised to take time out from my music, and the studio work. for a deserved rest which Robyn and I have not had in a long time. Sorry, there will be a delay regarding the new c.d OOO LA LA. This is not serious but still a health matter to which we must adhere to.

Kenny Baker RIP - September 2016

Sadly, I lost another good Buddy the other day, star of 'Star Wars' Kenny Baker -- R2D2. Back in the 60's and 70's the PEDDLERS and Kenny's 'MINI TONES' would meet up at gigs sharing bills. Kenny would always choose one moment during our show, during Trevors drum solo, when Trev was down at a quiet and expressive part just using his fingers on the drums. Our little friend would run out on the stage, stand under one of the ride cymbals and shout, "Would someone show me the way to the Wanking chinese restaurant?" God look after you now my friend.

OOO LA LA is progressing well, I am very happy with the B/Ts, just got to get my vocals up to scratch - (got a bit of a problem with my lungs at the moment). I have been inundated with requests for a PEDDLERS style album, standard type songs with that Hammond thing goin' on. So I thought I would throw out the idea for songs to our PED'S fans.

Send me your requests. This idea really appeals to me, do it by the 'info' email. Should be interesting. I have already put down 3 tracks 'SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY', 'LET IT BE' and 'AUTUMN LEAVES'. Nice to seriously get back to the HAMMOND and Orchestral arrangements again.

Thanks for your come-backs, always great to hear from you.


Quite some time ago bassist Bruce Kerr, Drummer Micky Otutaonga and myself performed a concert at the Auckland Sky Tower called PEDDLERS REVISITED. It was kinda nice stepping back in time and re-enacting what the original trio did for a living. A very enjoyable concert it was .

After the performance I did my usual stint signing records out front of the theatre. All was very amiable until I was verbally attacked by a very irrate punter, for want of a description, an arsehole. He lent over the counter and bellowed "Aren't you ashamed of yourself inpersonating Roy Phillips?" I informed this arsehole that for all my sins, I was indeed Roy Phillips. "Bollocks", he retorted, "Roy happens to be a friend of mine and we had dinner only last week."

All the lovely troupes buying my albums were amused by this added attraction for the evening. I apologised profusely to the 'arsehole' and told him that I would never do it again and please accept my most sincere appologies. With that he concluded by waving his index in a frightening display of total distain and chasdisement and left the theatre to hearty applause from the lovely people around me. Sad, eh!

Had a great mini tour with Chris Cain and Rodger Fox big band. Wonderful musicians and people to share a stage with, I will be doing more with Rodger in the near future, this time in the South Island of New Zealand.

OOO LA LA is going well, still on schedule for November release. It was my birthday a month ago. Robyn got my usual bottle of single malt, I don't remember the day at all...

Cheers from Robyn and I and Christchurch New Zealand.


Strange title for the up-coming album. It came about during my solo show 'AN EVENING WITH ROY PHILLIPS' when I brought to the audience's attention that I was wearing a new suit. The guy was wearing torn jeans and a hoodie. I could tell immediately he was used to going to the theatre. Robyn sugessted that was going to be the title.

I love writing and recording original material. I have the luxury of time and a beer fridge. By the way, after 60 years of smoking cigarettes, cigars, hooka's and of course the 'Good Stuff', I have ceased, and am now in the 4th month. Only another 4 years to completely get it out of the system... Robyn is in her second year of abstinance. Now before I completely loose your attention here's what's been occuring.

The video of 'BLUE GROOVE' from the album of the same name is currently being shot in Manchester by Paul Bratt. Paul has built the puppets of the old PEDDLERS Trevor Morais, Tab Martin and yours truly, and making them perform in our old stamping grounds THE PICKWICK CLUB. The story line is complete and filming will take up to 6 months. Strange thing is, Paul lives only a stones throw from where we formed the Ped's and even drinks in the same Pub opposite our old friends at GRANADA TELEVISION and Coronation Street. Small world. Keep you posted re the filming.

OOO LA LA is going great guns, a few tracks I am having a little difficulty with my lyrics, especially a track entitled WHAT A DAY, A story of a wee friend of mine on a day out in her world and that time of getting them off to the land of Nod. Got a new Studio keyboard ( M-AUDIO ) For a year I have not been able to play 3 notes on the old keyboard, The after sales service in New Zealand is diabolical, particularly with musical instruments, we are also robbed by their pricing structure.

I have 4 concerts to do with THE RODGER FOX BIG BAND in March together with Blues legend Criss Cains. The shows are entitled CAINS MEETS PHILLIPS. Looking foward to it .

Till the next ranting from me.

God Bless

Greetings from 'THE GROOVE ROOM'

We are working on the latest album 'OOO LA LA'
50% complete after a rest for the festive season and it's aftermath. Xmas and New Year are a huge seasonal reversal from this old Pom, we have to put up with temps in the 30's. I remember as a young boy my first job was clearing the huge drifts of snow from around our Parkstone home. Oh the good old days !

2015 was an eventful and emotional year for us. We celebrated the release of 'BLUE GROOVE' and thanks for your great support. We also had our fair amount of sadness with Robyn losing her son Paul and her mother Ngarita.

The most amazing thing about this planet we live on is that we do not seem to learn from our mistakes. We have to tolerate what surrounds us and accept evil practices as an every day occurance. I always believed that music soothed and cured. Wishful thinking eh!

Robyn and I hope and wish you the best upcoming ever.

MP3 Podcast with Roy
21 September 2015

Here's a new downloadable MP3 podcast (128Mb) from Southern FM in Victoria Australia, featuring a good interview with Roy and some great music. It weighs in at 2 hours and 20 minutes - you can listen live or download the MP3.

Joe Cocker
22 December 2014

Joe Cocker

A friend, a mentor, and a beautiful man has gone from the hearts and souls of musicians and millions of music lovers on this planet.

Joe was a gentleman.

See you Buddy!

New album release
5 November 2014

It's been a long time in the making, but 'Yer Tis' The interuptions came in the form of earthquakes and far too many bottles of New Zealand Sav Blanc. Whoops! I am only being serious. It's our sincere wish that you enjoy this laid back, bluesy work.

Blue Groove - 2014

BLUE GROOVE is the first production from The Groove Room. The last track FIRST LIGHT is dedicated to alll of the long suffering folks of Christchurch.

Read a rather nice review from NZ Musician magazine.

Another devastating Christchurch earthquake
10 March 2011

Dear Friends,

So many hearts are broken here in our city of Christchurch New Zealand, ours included. So many funerals, so many lives lost, so many futures shattered, so many hopes crushed.

Emergency powers, Government and organisations have performed with brilliant fore and back sight. So many health issues, physical, mental, religous and hidden personal issues are at the core of our problems. God is certainly not to blame, scientists are not to blame, powers of government are not to blame. But we all seek an answer.

What we are given by the powers that be (scientists etc) is that within given times and history dictates future events. "What a load of bollocks!" as we Brits say.

This calamity has broken hearts - but not the souls of our community. As I speak the aftershocks still instill terror. My Robyn as a teacher has to set examples to her students, but the job she has is now physciateric, which she would agree is above and beyond her experise. Her school (Hagley) is due to re-open sometime next week, with one councilor to take the mantle of responsibility. Her classroom is still unsafe, the hidden dangers are still there from the September 2010 quake.

We will re-build Christchurch. Our contribution will be a drop in the ocean, but the proceeds of my new album 'BLUE GROOVE' will help if only a mere fraction. My dear friends, when you see this product offered, think of the citizens of our great community.

We are going to the first of many funerals tommorow - Friday 11th March, for our great and dear friend Murray Wood who owned and ran CTV here in Christchurch. Murray was also an awesome keyboard player and a great help in my digital "thickness" (as he called it) during the preparation of my new recording. We saw him 4 days before the tragedy at our home.

Thank you for your support. Our love to all.
Roy and Robyn


Christchurch earthquake, recording new album
6 September 2010


In answer to many requests regarding our health and well being during this tragedy that has  happened in our home in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand. 

Much of our city is in total chaos and shock at the recent 7.1 earthquake. Our local authority, Government and Earthquake Commission have been so brilliant in controlling this horrifying situation. The devastation is widespread throughout Canterbury. Thank God we have lost no-one, that in itself is a huge miracle. All this reminds me so much of us Brits during and after the second world war; a Christian attitude towards fellow man will always score with the soul of mankind.

Robyn and I escaped very lightly with practically no damage to our house, only a few contents suffered. As we chat, the after shocks are continuing to remind us of the initial  quake.

Life must go on regardless. The new album project 'BLUE GROOVE,' a collection of my original songs, is going well. Having never followed the trends and whims of this music business, my songs are free from influences of what I call 'the musically void times' where everything has to sound, feel and emulate what has gone 5 minutes before. Trends are the blight of our lives and the industry invents so many genres that are lacking in creative inspiration.  

Thank you all so much for your well wishes and kind consideration for my family and I.

God bless ya.
Roy spacer

A sad loss, Sir Cliff, Peddlers Revisited May 2010
14 February 2010


I live in one of the most beautiful and relatively peaceful countries that God created. Sure, we have our fair share of 'nutters and uneducated cretins' who ruin our solace. Just recently a few of these mindless souls have committed offences against society that defy understanding. They have taken us to less than third world thinking, belief and Christian attitude.

Robyn , my partner, lover, critic and best friend is a teacher, whom, together with her other teaching colleagues at a college here in Christchurch, has witnessed one of these tragic events many teens go through; that of being lost, misguided and unable to get to grips with today's world. Ben, a student at the school suffered acute depression, this was recognised by all the staff, and steps were taken to understand and help him. I know, I heard about it every night for a long time. Counseling and professional help was always at hand for Ben. He was a very bright student.

But out of school, he mixed with useless friends with not a single goal in life. Ben paid one of said useless friends $2000.00 to get someone to end his life. He took the money, and together with a rope went to a local park, arranged the rope over a tree, said goodbye to Ben and left the lad to get on with it. He did. At the recent court case the 'assisted suicide' charge and conviction of this ' friend' was 8 months home detention. Can anybody give me a clue as to New Zealand law regarding giving someone convicted of such an evil crime a sentence where he basically has his leg smacked and is allowed to carry on doing the same things he was doing, anyway? This has  really pissed off just about everybody, not only at school but throughout our nation. What on earth is happening to our society ?

With the advent of getting our own recording studio, there is a lot of work in progress, should have done it years ago. I am in the middle of writing and recording a song for my late friend and peer Billy Preston. He would most probably kick my arse if he knew what I was saying and playing regarding his life. I like it anyway.

Rob and I are off to see 'Cliff Richard and the Shadows' on the second of March, and taking her darling Mum Ngaire (93 years old) along. She is a long time fan of Sir Cliff. As for me , The Peddlers shared an office with them in the mid-sixties, so I have a bit of catching up to do with them again.

The Peddlers Revisited tour is set for May this year (New Zealand) Promoter Brian Richards in Auckland is at it with the date situation as we speak. Looking foward to playing all that old stuff again, great fun, together with Bruce Kerr (Bass) Micky Otutaonga (Drums) and front of house sound engineer, Doug Jane, (check out MySpace for a few tracks) on the sliders.

Something from the past. During the late 60s, The Peddlers were working Batley Variety Club in Yorkshire. After the show we were ushered into a small private bar in this fabulous club to meet the local newspaper critic, a man in a 'Family at War' style suit, clutching a half drunk pint. He said  " I have been writing crit's for paper for 30 years, I've crit for Our Gracie, Sammy Davis ,Billy Eckstein, the list goes on. I have always been constructive because I know you people in show business appreciate constructiveness." Our drummer, Trevor Morais, told him that we also understood that part of the learning period in this industry. The critic swallowed the remainder of his pint and said "Good, 'cause your crap!"

Thank you to Web-master Alfie West, Dereck 'Delboy' Wales (Roy Phillips My Space) and John and Roy Grayson 'Peddlers UK'.

May the God of your choice always be very close at hand.


Kiwi Radio, Peddlers Revisited, antique lighting
5 November 2009


Thank you all for your support of my site and the promoted products. Your personal emails are most welcome, I do my best to answer each and every one of them. If fact, a lot of great ideas come from them with suggestions for new recording projects. I have just started another album, I will keep you up to date with that in the near future.

During tours throughout New Zealand the only contact with civilisation is the radio. I, for one, am horrified about the one genre the majority play 24 hours a day. We are not all 13 years old. I have personally met some of the producers of these shows and am amazed at the lack of knowledge regarding our music industry. One eyed or no eyed? Giving the people what they think they want, not what they really want. Would someone sound the alarm button, New Zealand does not believe in educating the listening public. I think a huge amount of wonderful and educational music is completely ignored by these so called producers and presenters. I hope my whinge, shared by a lot of my peers, reaches the deaf media. Our young and not so young can be educated to the richness of the music… period.

My partner/manager/agent Robyn, together with Auckland promoter Brian Richards convinced me to do a concert at the Sky City Theatre, "PEDDLERS REVISITED'. My friend Bruce Kerr (Bass) and drummer Micky Ututaonga played to a capacity house. Recording engineer Doug Jane drove the desk out front, also recorded the show.

Playing a lot of those old Peddler arrangements plus new compositions back on the beloved Hammond certainly brought back memories. A tour of New Zealand concerts is being planned for early in the New Year. My own show AN EVENING WITH went to the West Coast (South Island NZ) for a concert, only to find out that any kind of lighting plot could not be rehearsed before the show, reason being that the technician worked for the local council and had to go to his home for dinner before the concert.

He arrived half an hour before curtain up. I had to stage whisper instructions with the audience seated. He put on industrial rubber gloves, sat down side stage awaiting instructions. The lighting system was circa 1940, metal leavers etc.

The introduction was made, I instructed him 'Full Up!' He did so, and a blinding flash filled back stage. He went A over T five metres from the controls. I stopped the show and asked him if he was all right. "Sure", he said. "That always happens."

Special thanks to my webmaster Alf West, John and Roy Grayson (Peddlers UK site), Derek 'Del-Boy' Wales (Roy Phillips My Space) and of course my Robyn. I love her very much, she still loves Willy Nelson! And of course, you all.

May the God of your choice always be at your side.

With respect

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