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 Roy as a child - click for the full image Roy Phillips was born on the fifth of May 1943 in Parkstone, Dorset and adopted by Franky and Margaret Phillips after the death of their daughter, Christina.

Franky was a painter and decorator who specialised in renovating stately homes, including Beaulieu Palace, home to the famous motor museum. His gold leafing and beading skills were second to none. Franky's expertise in decorating to the exact specifications of the era led to a role as advisor to paint company scientists.

 The wind-up gramophone Franky loved his music. Roy recalls fondly his Dad playing his collection of 78s on a wind-up gramophone. They listened to Shirley Bassey, Ella Fitzgerald, Mario Lanza, Frank Sinatra... all the greats of that era.

Roy inherited his Dad's love of music, so for his fifth birthday, Franky bought him an old upright piano. Piano lessons with woman called Ada Sharp (A#) was a short-lived affair because "I got sick to death of having my hands smacked with a ruler." Apparently Mrs Sharp died an unfortunate death, being killed by a number five bus.

 Early guitar days At the age of eight or nine, Roy took up the guitar. By fourteen he was playing in his first skiffle band at the local Police Club.

During a gig at the Bournemouth Conservative Club, a local police sergeant discovered that Roy was playing in return for pints of beer. He led the young lad home by the ear, gave him a cuffing at the door which was followed by a thrashing from his Mum. Being a musician isn't always easy.

 It's all about Apples At school Roy excelled in art classes. When it was time for him to get a real job, Roy signed up for a seven year apprenticeship as a photo-engraver with the now-deceased Bournemouth Times. He learned his trade from a former bank note engraver called Stan Harland... "a rotund gentleman with shoulder-length silver hair."

But at weekends Roy was gigging with The Dowlands at Joe Meek's studio in Holloway Road. And just two weeks after his apprenticeship ended, Roy moved to Shepherd's Bush in search of a musical career.

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