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Update... August 2019
My fellow artistes; give me your stories!

Roy Phillips Everybody loves a story, especially if it is true.

The showbusiness fraternity have some of the funniest, strangest, saddest, gut-busting tales of experiences in this business of ours.

During my 57 years working with amazing artistes in working mens clubs, concerts and night club venues throughout the planet, there has always been the experience of fellow performers' amusing anecdotes at the various venues, digs, road trips and so forth.

I have collected many anecdotal accounts from performers such as Les Dawson, Tommy Cooper, Frank Sinatra, Mat Monroe and even Joe Frazier. But my plea is for artistes out there in 'Show time' to share their stories so that the world can bust a gut at 'em. The trues ones are always the best. Please share this musing with your friends and fellow artistes and get them to me via info@royphillips.org I would like to publish them, of course with permission.

One such story happened to THE PEDDLERS circa 1966 or thereabouts.....

We were booked to perform in Sunderland at a place called 'The Redhouse' for a one night cabaret show. On arrival at the venue our roady met us outside and informed us that the theme for the evening was 'Hillbilly'. it was rather noticeable that the punters were all dressed as cowboys and cowgirls and wearing artificial six guns. Now, this was no way a PEDDLERS gig! Incidentally, our record 'BIRTH' was riding in the top twenty at that time. The management had no idea who we were, someone thought we were a bicycle act!

Anyway, they insisted we went on. Walking out on stage we were greeted with the whole ballroom filled with lines of cowboys and cowgirls ready to start 'line dancing.' We started our show with WALK ON THE WILD SIDE, a Ped's classic, only to see the lines slowly breaking apart, the boos happening, which continued to the end of our one hour set. We took our usual bows and Trevor Morias, our drummer, said to me, "Let's do an encore."

We did a Ped's version of STRING OF PEARLS. The boos continued during the next lot of bows. Trevor again said "Give them another" We played them our chart entry BIRTH. The boos subsided somewhat, They had turned into groans! The crowd was getting tired, we bowed again. "And another," said Trev. We did 6 encores in all. Boy was that fun. Funny, they never booked us back again.

Artistes, send us your stories and let's give the world a belly laugh. God only knows we need it.

One final thing, A huge shout for our Prime Minister, Jacinda, Go girl.

Tons of it and more.

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