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May 2021

My 80th birthday came and went, all organised by my darling wife Robyn and held at our daughter Rachael and husband Kerry's gorgeous home. The attendees ranged from actors, doctors (just in case I needed one !) daughters, sisters, grandies and great friends.

the crowd

roy's cake The piano cake, made by Robyn, was one of the stars of the evening, my favourite chocolate and orange, drowned in orange liqueur. One small slice was like a three course dinner. A real cake.

Robyn's theme for the party was to dress up as your favourite singer or song title, our guests surely excelled themselves, Robbie Carpenter, himself a great bassist, came as my darling bass player out of the PEDDLERS ,Tab Martin. Keyboard wizard Kevin Frewer arrived as Aussie Osbourne. Guitarist Johnny Campbell came as The Bee Gees ( All of them ) and his gorgeous wife Robyn as Lulu. The list of stars that came added glitter to my day. Thank you. By the way my Robyn came as a very convincing Stevie Nicks, sister in law Sharyn was Olivia Newton John, hubby Peter was such a look alike of Leonard Cohen, frightening stuff...


It was another official release of my Trilogy of albums STANDARD PROCEDURE. A set dedicated to PEDDLERS fans. The best part of all this is that all my family and friends made me feel 40 again. I really do know some beaut people.


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