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November 2020

The idea for STANDARD PROCEDURE arose from PEDDLERS fans repeatedly suggesting timeless standard songs which they wanted to be given the magical PEDDLERS treatment-a style which originated way back in the mid-1960s, when popular music started to become experimental and young and brilliant ideas were being accepted as everyday occurrences.

Roy Phillips

Music was being rediscovered and reinvented, musical genres were marrying each other- and living happily ever after. Rock met Jazz, Swing embraced The Blues and Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks and The Beatles delivered fresh and exciting ideas to an eagerly awaiting musical world. THE PEDDLERS were on the crest of an inspired wave of musical fervour, innovation, and enthusiasm, adding a brand new, creative genre to the emerging music flavours of an unprecedented era of British Music.

The group would take all-time standard songs and give them a huge kick in the backside, with the introduction of an amalgam of Hammond Organ, Bass and Drums, along with a Full Orchestra-creating a vibrant, colourful and previously unforeseen musical landscape.

I have given all the arrangements that classic PEDDLERS feel and attitude. The final track, BUDDY HOLLY'S 'It Doesn't Matter Any More' takes me back to my teenage days and my first Skiffle band. We were a touch jazzy even then!

After nearly 300 sessions over a two-year period in THE GROOVE ROOM and with the help and enthusiasm from some great Kiwi musos, we have now completed our STANDARD PROCEDURE TRILOGY. Many thanks to GEOFF CULVERWELL (Horns/Flute), JACK 'DADDY' CRAW (Blues Harp) and JOHN CAMPBELL (Rhythm Guitars) for lending their talent to this project, plus KEVIN HEALY (lead guitar) for his work on the Dutch live recordings.

It gives us great pleasure at ROBYN PROMOTIONS to present to you the STANDARD PROCEDURE TRILOGY. Enjoy.

And here's a little video to accompany "At Last" from talented animator Paul Bratt, just to start you off.

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