Impersonater ......7 June 2016

Roy in his studio 2016 Quite some time ago bassist Bruce Kerr, Drummer Micky Otutaonga and myself performed a concert at the Auckland Sky Tower called PEDDLERS REVISITED. It was kinda nice stepping back in time and re-enacting what the original trio did for a living. A very enjoyable concert it was .

After the performance I did my usual stint signing records out front of the theatre. All was very amiable until I was verbally attacked by a very irrate punter, for want of a description, an arsehole. He lent over the counter and bellowed "Aren't you ashamed of yourself inpersonating Roy Phillips?" I informed this arsehole that for all my sins, I was indeed Roy Phillips. "Bollocks", he retorted, "Roy happens to be a friend of mine and we had dinner only last week."

All the lovely troupes buying my albums were amused by this added attraction for the evening. I apologised profusely to the 'arsehole' and told him that I would never do it again and please accept my most sincere appologies. With that he concluded by waving his index in a frightening display of total distain and chasdisement and left the theatre to hearty applause from the lovely people around me. Sad, eh!

Had a great mini tour with Chris Cain and Rodger Fox big band. Wonderful musicians and people to share a stage with, I will be doing more with Rodger in the near future, this time in the South Island of New Zealand.

OOO LA LA is going well, still on schedule for November release. It was my birthday a month ago. Robyn got my usual bottle of single malt, I don't remember the day at all...

Cheers from Robyn and I and Christchurch New Zealand.  spacer


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