'OOO LA LA' - 6 March 2016

Roy in his studio 2016 Strange title for the up-coming album. It came about during my solo show 'AN EVENING WITH ROY PHILLIPS' when I brought to the audience's attention that I was wearing a new suit. The guy was wearing torn jeans and a hoodie. I could tell immediately he was used to going to the theatre. Robyn sugessted that was going to be the title.

I love writing and recording original material. I have the luxury of time and a beer fridge. By the way, after 60 years of smoking cigarettes, cigars, hooka's and of course the 'Good Stuff', I have ceased, and am now in the 4th month. Only another 4 years to completely get it out of the system... Robyn is in her second year of abstinance. Now before I completely loose your attention here's what's been occuring.

The video of 'BLUE GROOVE' from the album of the same name is currently being shot in Manchester by Paul Bratt. Paul has built the puppets of the old PEDDLERS Trevor Morais, Tab Martin and yours truly, and making them perform in our old stamping grounds THE PICKWICK CLUB. The story line is complete and filming will take up to 6 months. Strange thing is, Paul lives only a stones throw from where we formed the Ped's and even drinks in the same Pub opposite our old friends at GRANADA TELEVISION and Coronation Street. Small world. Keep you posted re the filming.

OOO LA LA is going great guns, a few tracks I am having a little difficulty with my lyrics, especially a track entitled WHAT A DAY, A story of a wee friend of mine on a day out in her world and that time of getting them off to the land of Nod. Got a new Studio keyboard ( M-AUDIO ) For a year I have not been able to play 3 notes on the old keyboard, The after sales service in New Zealand is diabolical, particularly with musical instruments, we are also robbed by their pricing structure.

I have 4 concerts to do with THE RODGER FOX BIG BAND in March together with Blues legend Criss Cains. The shows are entitled CAINS MEETS PHILLIPS. Looking foward to it .

Till the next ranting from me.

God Bless


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